Milwaukee Dragons Football


Meet the Dragons, Milwaukee’s NFL team full of sexy athletes pursuing their ultimate goal–a Super Bowl ring. And along the way, they might just find another kind of happily ever after.

The series kicks off with On the LineOn the Line Cover

Seth is a single dad traded from his native Houston to Milwaukee. He hires nerdy Carrie as his daughter’s nanny, and they have an undeniable attraction. Sexy hijinks–and cosplay–ensue.

Next you’ll want to score SwaggerSwagger Cover

Marcus tears his ACL in preseason and is sidelined for the entire season. He take the opportunity to return to school to finish his degree. His sexy physics instructor just wants to finish her dissertation and be done with her mean, sexist advisor. She doesn’t need the distraction of a sexy football player in her class. He’s definitely off limits, but how can she resist that sexy smile and generous heart?

Close it out with Home Field Advantage

coverOnce upon a time, Quinn thought he would marry Natalie. Then she broke his heart with little explanation. Now, a decade later, she’s in his locker room with the rest of the reporters, asking questions & digging up feelings he’d rather forget. Natalie had her reasons for what she did; they seemed right at the time, but maybe she made a mistake. Can two people with damaged hearts put aside the past and find each other again?

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