Dirty Work

This summer, AJ’s ready for some Dirty Work

Everyone knows the first rule of friends-with-benefits is you don’t fall for your friend.

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There are a million reasons I shouldn’t be messing around with Claudia: we’re best friends, we work together, her dad is my boss, and I’m moving out of state in a few weeks. But none of that seems to matter when we hook up at my sister’s wedding. It’s the best sex I’ve ever had. I’d have to be crazy not to keep it going.

We’ve both got too much on our plates to commit to anything more than a friends-with-benefits arrangement. And believe me, those benefits are way too good to resist. So good in fact, that I’m starting to regret my plans to move away. But how do I let her know that I want to stay when I promised her no strings attached sex? And if I tell her the truth, will I lose my best friend, too?