Milwaukee Men at Work series

Short, sexy romantic comedies

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Tariq delivers his pizza Fast, Fresh, and Hot

Becca should be focused on finishing grad school, but she can’t stop thinking about her sexy pizza delivery guy

Service with a-2

Kam offers up Service With a Smolder

Nina’s facing her toughest rotation in medical school, but all her attention is on her sexy new neighbor.

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For Halloween, Josh can offer Grace Ink, or Treat

Grace doesn’t date a guy more than once. But playful tattoo artist Josh might make her reconsider her no repeats policy.

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For Eight Naughty Nights, Brady offers himself up as Laura’s holiday present

They’ve been long-distance friends since childhood, but for the holidays, Laura and Brady agree to be more.

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This summer, AJ’s ready for some Dirty Work

Recent college graduate Claudia is trying to land her dream job. But suddenly, her best friend AJ is looking very appealing.