Writing Through The Pain

Some days just suck. It’s part of life, whether you write or not. For me, today was one of those days. I had pain coming at me from every direction. There was the physical pain. I’ve been in physical therapy for a few months from the muscle weakness that results from 2 c-sections then haulingContinue reading “Writing Through The Pain”

Top 10 Signs You’re Up Waaaaay Too Early

10. Toothbrush in 1 hand, toothpaste in the other, you stare at them for a full minute, trying to remember what to do next. 9. Even the cat looks at you like “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.” 8. You put the coffee in the coffeemaker, start it, and can’t figure out why it’s notContinue reading “Top 10 Signs You’re Up Waaaaay Too Early”

Homemade Peeps-How Writers Waste Time When Not Writing

In a perfect world, I would have 29 hours a day, my kids would still be in daycare full time and I would write and craft to my heart’s content. Like most of my friends, I have re-pinned all the DIY stuff on Pinterest. And have tried about 3 of them. But the other day,Continue reading “Homemade Peeps-How Writers Waste Time When Not Writing”