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I Have An Announcement

Oh look, a blog post. And it’s not a Crosstitch. But I have a couple writing-related announcements, and it’s easier to do a blog post then 73 tweets and a long Facebook status.

I have this series of novellas. Contemporary erotic New Adult romance. I talked with my agent and basically the novella market in traditional publishing is nil unless you’re a Big Name. So I decided to go the self-pub route.

So come June 29, you can buy my 1st New Adult Contemporary Pizzarotic Romance novella (yes, pizzarotica is totally a thing…that my cousin and I made up). It’s titled Fast, Fresh, & Hot, and I’m using the pseudonym Eliza Madison. I’m obviously keeping that a huge secret. The cover reveal will be on June 8th, and don’t worry, I’ll shout about that from the rooftops, because Drew Heacock did an awesome cover and I’m totally in love with it.

The plan is that this is the 1st of a series of linked novellas, called the Men At Work series. I’m doing each individual novella as an ebook only, and down the road when a few of them are out, I’ll bundle them up into a paperback. So if you prefer physical books, you’ll have to wait.

This one is my pizza boy story (which I’ve referenced many times on twitter). #2 is his twin brother, the grocery store checker. #3 has a Halloween theme about a tattoo artist. And #4 is a bartender for Christmas. 2 more are percolating, but we’ll see if they come to anything.

I will have the pre-order link on Amazon and BN soon (and various other ebook vendors). For now, you can add it to your TBR list on Goodreads.

You can also follow Eliza’s various social media endeavors. The website is a placeholder, but I’m hoping that’ll be up very soon.


Anyway, if you like sex and pizza (and seriously, who doesn’t like those?), you probably want to read this novella. It’s also got Batman references and chocolate. All that for less than $3, so you really can’t go wrong.