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Cross Stitch, Packers & Charity

Today I’m combining a few of my favorite things. The Green Bay Packers, who are playing the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow (1/11/15) in the NFC divisional championship. Cross stitch. And the MACC Fund. The MACC Fund is Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, and raises money for pediatric cancer research. It’s a local charity, and the 1 I usually pick when I have money to donate. I figure it’s good insurance for my kids’ future.

A twitter friend, who is also a Packers fan, Erin Scafe made a bet with a Cowboys fan, something involving Taylor Swift covers. I don’t know the details, but the gist of it is if we can raise $5,000 for the MACC Fund by gametime (noon, central time), both Erin and Mateo (I only know him by his twitter profile) will each post a video on youtube of them covering a Taylor Swift song. I think I have that right.

And, for the person who donates the most, I will send them this.



Here’s the link where you can donate. Be generous. I mean, kids with cancer. Not a controversial cause.