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Writer Websites: Using WordPress to Make Your Site

A few different writer friends have recently asked about creating a writer website. So I’m quickly sharing my very limited knowledge. It seemed a blog post was a better way to reach multiple people asking the same question, rather than sending multiple emails and tweets and Facebook posts.

I bought my domain through WordPress. You can do that here: http://store.wordpress.com/  Or you can just sign up for a WordPress account    and use the address you’re assigned. I’m vain enough to want my name there.

Setting it up was relatively painless. I picked a theme, and went from there. It’s all templates. One of these days I’m going to work with a friend and customize it, but right now it hasn’t been a priority.

I’ve also found a number of articles about author websites in general and WordPress in particular. So, in no particular order, here they are:


This site in general has some good articles on building your writer website:













Also, if you’re wanting to post pictures on your blog, beware of copyright issues. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to post your writing without your permission, even if they gave you credit, photographers want more than credit for their pictures. If you think that’s being overly picky, author Roni Loren has a cautionary tale for you:


So here’s a link that explains a bit more about what photos you can and can’t use:


When in doubt, take your own pictures, even if they’re not great.

Hope this helps!


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