Top 10 Signs You’re Up Waaaaay Too Early

10. Toothbrush in 1 hand, toothpaste in the other, you stare at them for a full minute, trying to remember what to do next.

9. Even the cat looks at you like “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.”

8. You put the coffee in the coffeemaker, start it, and can’t figure out why it’s not working. Then remember you have to add water.

7. You’re already daydreaming about the break you’ll take at work so you can nap at your desk.

6. You hate your husband for still being in bed.

5. Your clock reads 3:30.

4. The windchill is near 0. In March. Wait, no, sorry.  Wrong list. That’s a sign that winter has overstayed its welcome.

3. You have a 13 hour day ahead of you but will still get home at a reasonable time.

2. You gulp down so much coffee, your tongue tingles before you even leave the house.

1. You’re compelled to write a list like this.

Published by TheLizLincoln

I'm a stay-at-home writer/mom. As Mom, I wrangle 6-year-old G-Man, 8-year-old MissA, and 40-something Dan. As a writer, I write spicy contemporary romance as both Liz Lincoln and Eliza Madison, and enjoy Badgers and Packer football, nerdtastic cross stitch, chocolate, sarcasm and sleep. You can also find me at: @TheLizLincoln

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